Armed Forces Compensation

Although military personnel have the same employment right as those working in other types of work environment, it is often more difficult to make an armed forces compensation claim. Unlike most other types of jobs, military personnel are regularly exposed to dangerous situations and environments, even during training. It is general understanding that taking up a military job involves a certain degree of risk. But, with health and safety regulations in place and with the proper training, it is quite possible to prevent most of the military accidents.

Service personnel who suffer injuries in a combat by an enemy are unable to make military accident claims. But, if you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of the MOD or someone else, we may be able to help you put up an armed forces compensation claim.

Making a military accident claim is a complicated process and for this reason, you may have to consider seeking specialist legal advice. Making armed forces compensation claims which involves injuries to civilian employees are much easier than claims for those who have been injured in combats.

How To Claim Compensation?

No matter which type of military accident you suffered injuries in, it is important to talk to an experienced solicitor as soon as possible following the injury. Memories fade as time goes by and it is also likely that evidences can be deliberately misplaced if you delay making a compensation claim. Another thing is that if you start a claim quickly, you will be able to recover compensation for your damages quickly.

At, we specialise in all types of armed forces compensation claims. When you contact us through our quick enquiry form, we will put you in touch with specialist local solicitors who will assist you with your case on a genuine No Win No Fee basis.

Remember, making a compensation claim following an accident or injury for which you are not responsible is your legal right. And if you choose to make a claim against your employers, your employers cannot dismiss you from your post. While claiming for compensation can help you get rid of financial strain following the injury, it can also save others from being involved in similar accidents.